Diversity & Inclusion

Coming together to democratize healthcare

We are not all the same here at WELT—that’s our greatest strength. We take in the differences in how we think, who we are, and what we have experienced. Under one mission of redefining and democratizing healthcare, we aim to create a diverse and inclusive workplace where each of us can be our best selves.

Our Commitment to Community

At WELT, we believe in partnerships that can foster good health and well-being in our communities.

In 2020, WELT partnered with 한국마약퇴치운동본부 (Korea’s National Institute on Drug Abuse) to help develop digital therapeutics for substance/alcohol use disorder. Our products will increase access to care in underserved communities and lower care and rehabilitation costs. After piloting our products in Korea, we plan to replicate this model in other developing countries via government channels and support.