Research & Publications

At WELT, we focus on developing digital products—with therapeutic efficacy, validated in randomized controlled trials, and approved/cleared by regulatory bodies—to target serious indications with high unmet medical needs.

Below are selected publications from our clinical team members and advisors that form the basis of our products.

Work with Us

Insomnia (WELT-I)

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment as a Digital Therapeutic for Insomnia

Eun LeeKorean Academy of Sleep Medicine (2020)

Prediction of Good Sleep with Physical Activity and Light Exposure: Preliminary Study

Park KM, Lee SE, Lee C, et alJournal of Clinical Sleep Medicine (2022)

Changes In Resting-state Brain Connectivity Following Computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Insomnia In Dialysis Patients: A Pilot Study

Park HY, Lee H, Jhee JH, et alGeneral Hospital Psychiatry (2020)

Alcohol Use Disorder (WELT-A)

Diminished Cognitive Control in Internet Gaming Disorder: A Multimodal Approach with Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Real-time Heart Rate Variability

Lee D, Park J, Namkoong K, Hong SJ, Kim IY, Jung YCProgress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry

Altered Thalamic Gray Matter Volume in Firefighters with Heavy Alcohol Use

Jung han Lee, Yun Tae Kim, Seung Koo Lee, Sung Soo Oh, Ki Soo Park, Sang Baek Koh, Changsoo Kim, Young-Chul JungDrug and Alcohol Dependence

Eating Disorder (WELT-ED)

Impaired Prefrontal Cognitive Control over Interference by Food Images in Binge-eating Disorder and Bulimia Nervosa

Lee, J.E., Namkoong, K. and Jung, Y.C.Neuroscience Letters

Resting-state Synchrony Between Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Precuneus Relates to Body Shape Concern in Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa

Lee S, Ran Kim K, Ku J, Lee JH, Namkoong K, Jung YCPsychiatry Research: Neuroimaging

Sarcopenia (AGAIN)

Change in Waist Circumference With Continuous Use of a Smart Belt: An Observational Study

Lee M, Shin JJMIR Mhealth Uhealth

Accuracy and Diversity of Wearable Device-Based Gait Speed Measurement Among Older Men: Observational Study

Kang MG, Kang SJ, Roh HK, Jung HWJournal of Medical Internet Research

Association Between Gait Speed Measured Using a Wearable Device and Sarcopenia

Kang MG, Kim K, Kang JK, Kang SJ, Roh HK, Jung HWInnovation in Aging